Jeff Zeldman asks really good questions here: (and I also posted this to my open #Microblog:

“Along those same lines, can the IndieWeb, and products of IndieWeb thinking like, save us?

Might they at least provide an alternative to the toxic aspects of our current social web, and restore the ownership of our data and content? And before you answer, RTFM.

On an individual and small collective basis, the IndieWeb already works. But does an IndieWeb approach scale to the general public?

If it doesnโ€™t scale yet, can we, who envision and design and build, create a new generation of tools that will help give birth to a flourishing, independent web? One that is as accessible to ordinary internet users as Twitter and Facebook and Instagram? Tantek ร‡elik thinks so, and heโ€™s been right about the web for nearly 30 years. (For more about what Tantek thinks, listen to our conversation in Episode โ„– 186 of The Big Web Show.)

Are these approaches mere whistling against a hurricane? Are most web and internet users content with how things are? What do you think? Share your thoughts on your personal website (dust yours off!) or (irony ahoy!) on your indie or mainstream social networks of choice using hashtag #LetsFixThis.”…