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  • Newsletters and Podcasts as new Open Content Platforms

    I agree, Podcasts and Newsletters (functionaly blogs) give me great hope and are some of the best digital content I find these days. Main comerical social networks remain wastelands. From the Creator of Ruby on Rails, Founder & CTO at Basecamp & HEY: “There’s something incredibly … read more

  • 'We froze our social graph too soon..."

    Good quote: “We froze our social graph too soon, imho. My goal is to get the kind of discourse that happens on Twitter and Facebook to happen outside the silos, so a new generation of ‘coders’ can try out a billion new ideas about how humans can ideate and organize in a global … read more

  • Launching a New Mastdodon Instance Focused on the OpenWeb

    So with a few friends, just launched this new instance: INDIEWEB.SOCIAL is a home for those who build, study, promote - or are just fascinated by - a wide variety of #openweb, #indieweb, #federated and #humanetech practices and technologies. We seek to promote innovation and shared evolution and … read more

  • "Why Freedom of Thought Requires Attention"

    He opens with “Freedom of thought requries media that don’t listen to and watch and survielle us as we use them…media that consumes us, in the end consumes freedom of thought.” A friend’s review: “I really liked his point that it’s not required to invent … read more

  • "It’s Time to End ‘Trending'"

    Why it is good – as #Mastodon and #Microdotblog does – to still keep human admins in the mix on surfacing “trending” items: “The first problem with [FB and Twitter] “trending” is that it selects and highlights content with no eye toward accuracy, or quality. Automated … read more

  • Indieweb, Fediverse and Commerical Silos

    The more time I spend on the #Indieweb, #Matodon and other #Fediverse apps, the more I notice when I go back to Twitter and FB how much is pushed at me: recommended users, posts, promoted tweets, recommended apps, requests for reviews of places I just had been near, but never checked into. Sometimes … read more

  • Been looking for a Browser Extension to allow one click sharing to my #micrdotblog site, that then syndicates out to my other social, Mastodon, Medium, Twitter, etc. Trying out OmniBear now… omnibear.com/features/

  • “The net was so weird and wonderful in the early 2000s because it was easy to remix….The only real option in 2019 of customizing anything is to build a website of your own.” onezero.medium.com/why-the-w… #indieweb

  • Looking for this #IndieWeb Tool

    Looking for an #Indieweb tool for personal aggregation of social media. Maybe a bit like Feedly, a bit like Nuzzel, but more specifically a webtool that aggregates and does a pesonal curation and display of Twitter Lists, Facebook feeds, YouTube Subscriptions, and if possible FB Groups, and displays … read more

  • Microblog and Webmtion support of any blogs....

    This is cool, from @menton on #microblog supporting integration any blog that uses Webmentions… “In a post on Micro.blog, you can @-mention someone’s blog by including @domain.com in the post, using their domain name. If that blogger’s site supports Webmention, Micro.blog will send … read more

  • #LetsFixThis - And some good, good questions

    Jeff Zeldman asks really good questions here: (and I also posted this to my open #Microblog: “Along those same lines, can the IndieWeb, and products of IndieWeb thinking like Micro.blog, save us? Might they at least provide an alternative to the toxic aspects of our current social web, and … read more

  • "Why I’m supporting the IndieWeb (and you should too)"

    A solid argument for the #indieweb - and that it needs to be as “friction free” and as easy to use as closed sollutions: I had the opportunity to witness an early Internet so I was not natively exposed to the psychological threats that newly born platforms like Facebook or Instagram … read more

  • Building in "Web Stuff" and Micro.blog

    This is a great quote on #indieweb publishing and #microblog in specific…. Build in “web stuff” if you want it to last: “Micro.blog is not an alternative silo: instead, it’s what you build when you believe that the web itself is the great social network. That’s the … read more

  • Microblog creator @menton on what’s coming for Micro.blog, on this week’s podcast #micromonday monday.micro.blog/2019/03/0…

  • Not quitting Social Media: But Going Back to an "the Artisanal internet."

    This article from #wired, also got me relooking at #indieweb and Micro.blog. In essence, don’t quit social all together, but “curate your way to a better social media” diet. Key quote: This vision of decentralization is more back-to-the-land than blockchain. If portals to the … read more

  • Who Owns the Digital You (Part 1 of 3)

    “Twenties and Thirties it was the role of government, Fifties and Sixties it was civil rights. The next two decades it’s gonna be privacy. I’m talking about the Internet. I’m talking about cell phones. I’m talking about health records and who’s gay and who’s not. And moreover, in a country born on … read more