So everybody, good job.  We made it through day one. 

We can all take a deep breath. First day down. I believe both the fediverse and Threads fared well on the first day of their merger.  The sky did not fall on either side, and the admins and server owners of Mastodon and other Fediverse servers were not overwhelmed by swarms of traffic, despite a surge in new usage and users. 

Using my server as a guide, we found no increase in abuse or harassment. Actually, it was a normal, calm day in terms of new open tickets, with no abuse of any kind against our 11,600 members to report.

And I believe the opposite is true: not only did no disaster occur, but many people on both sides saw a glimpse of the future of the open social web. In practice, not in theory. For the first time, at this scale. I saw numerous new Threads users excited to discover the Fediverse, and many Fediverse users welcomed them.

As I stated in another conversation with the threads development team, congratulations to everyone; today was a part of Internet history.  

Congratulations to the Mastodon and Fediverse users who did not panic out and welcomed the newcomers. I'm sure there will be hurdles and issues to address on all sides. However, today was a good day. Well done, everyone.

Now, on to day two.