And this from this episode with Casey Newton and Joshua Toplosky:

Josh: “I understand the whole Fediverse and the Mastodon thing, and that is cool, and if they can make it work well, I’m totally into it and will keep posting there…

…But I think we all acknowledge, that whether it’s Jack Dorsey, or Elon Musk… one of these are going to run the social network….Do if in this case [of Threads] if it’s owned by Mark Zuckerberg versus Elon Musk?”

Casey: “But we haven’t even discussed that it’s decentralized. Which is the actual answer to this question. You are going to be able to set up your own [Activitypub] server, & your posts are going to be able to appear on Threads even though Meta doesn’t operate it…”

Josh: “….There is a common belief that they are doing that partially because if they basically make it part of the fediverse, they can get basically away with doing whatever moderation they want [on their site] and say [to those outside their site] ‘Hey, you can own your own server, and you can post whatever you want, and set up your own [server] rules…and they don’t have to be the arbiters of free speech on their own owned-and-operated…”

Casey: “It’s a good answer to that problem…”

Josh: “It’s the answer we are all looking for I think.”…