I wrote before that we need humility, recognizing there is so much we don’t know and could be wrong about.

I would have sworn that Meta would not support full export of users' social graph to go join other servers. Many opposing federation with Meta did too. We were all wrong at least to what the head of Instagram just posted.


We should wait, verify and not take him at his word, but that is hugely good news if true, and surprising to all of us. This reminds me of this scene from the film Lincoln between abolitionists opponents of Lincoln and the speaker of the House Thadeus Stevens, played by Tommy Lee Jones:

ASA VINTNER LITTON: You know he isn't to be trusted.

THADDEUS STEVENS: Trust? I’m sorry, I was under the misapprehension your chosen profession was politics. I’ve never trusted the President. I never trust anyone. But… Hasn’t he surprised you?

ASA VINTNER LITTON No, Mr. Stevens, he hasn’t.

THADDEUS STEVENS Nothing surprises you, Asa, therefore nothing about you is surprising. Perhaps that is why your constituents did not re-elect you to the coming term.

(collecting his cane and STANDING:) It’s late, I’m old, I’m going home.

Stevens limps to the door, opens it, and turns.

THADDEUS STEVENS (CONT’D) Lincoln the inveterate dawdler, Lincoln the Southerner, Lincoln the capitulating compromiser, our adversary - and leader of the godforsaken Republican Party, our party - Abraham Lincoln has asked us to work with him to accomplish the death of slavery in America.


Retain, even in opposition, your capacity for astonishment.