This solution for Twitter verification without paying Elon is easy to use, adheres to web standards, and works efficiently.

First, include the following in your (or your organization’s) Twitter bio:

This account can be verified at

You can also (like I did) add the key or ID emoji to your bio. Twitter will not let you add the emoji for check marks.

This URL must lead to a page you create on your own website or the official website for your organization. There, you should include the following language, which you can see on the image of my own website. It should read something akin to:

“This is my official Twitter account that I maintain and verify that I am that owner:"

Add the machine-readable and web-standard code “rel=Me” to the HTML of that page to earn bonus points. This is not essential, however, it will be handy for utilizing this page to verify you on Mastodon and other services in the future.

That’s all! This establishes that your Twitter account is owned and confirmed by the same entity as your Official Website. Any fake Twitter impersonators that don’t have this, aren’t you.

This is possible to do on any website, personal blog, the official bio page of any organization’s website, or even any Gravatar profile, or similar pages.

To view a live illustration of this, please visit my Twitter account at…