So for several years, I’ve been running Indieweb.Social - It is a Mastodon instance/community that unites the interests of developers working on the “#Indieweb,” “#Distributed social,” and “#Fediverse” worlds.

We created a space where supporters of each endeavor could communicate and exchange information as they are all linked initiatives with comparable objectives.

It’s now the 6th largest of all Tech #Mastodon instances. It is the main host for emerging platforms like [Bonfire] ( and others. Good discussions on future implementation of Indieweb standards on Mastodon go on here.

My server costs going up 5X shortly by my managed Mastodon host. This is not unreasonable given the size this instance has grown to. This is a labor of love for me & I’m very willing to do at a financial loss; and am very thankful for the 13 Patreon donors we have.

But would likely need about 9 more at a similar scale to be at a sustainable loss for me.

Do pledge here if you can:

[] (

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