A Good Review of Zuck's Speech

Agree completely:

“The speech began with a major tactical and factual error, in which Zuckerberg attempted to awkwardly retcon the founding of Facebook into a story about giving students a voice during the Iraq war. (“I remember feeling that if more people had a voice to share their experiences, maybe things would have gone differently.”) All previous reporting on the subject suggests that the truth was much, much hornier, and the fact that Zuckerberg’s speech began so disingenuously caused lots of the folks I read to tune out the rest…

Zuckerberg’s talk focuses exclusively on the right of speech, when the far more consequential question is the right of reach.

What spreads, and by what means, and to what effect? These are all questions Facebook avoided today….

There is something untenable about a massive corporation / quasi-state that sets global speech policies but never has to answer for them, outside the odd Congressional hearing or public-relations crisis. It’s easy to stand firmly on the side of free speech when the only negative consequence you suffer as a result is more speech.”


Tim Chambers @tchambers
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