More AMP HTML Reactions and Links

Other reactions around and elsewhere to Google’s AMP HTML project:

Jeremy Keith thinks “The big players sure are going to a lot of effort to reinvent RSS but that ultimately it’s another output format and that publishers view of supporting it should be “Sure why not?” And that maybe, just maybe, “ By showing that there is life beyond big bloated invasive web pages, perhaps the AMP project will work as a demo of what the whole web could be.”

Sasha Aickin looks it over and is not impressed with it’s “openness.”

Tim Kadlec is impressed with early results:

The AMP Project is reporting some rather significant improvements for publishers using the AMP pages: anywhere from 15–85% improvement in Speed Index scores when compared to the original article.

And thinks it might set some interesting incentives:

The advantage that AMP has over anyone else who might try to make similar claims is that AMP provides clear incentive by promising better methods of distribution for AMP content than non-AMP content.
The distribution model is slightly more fuzzy at the moment than the performance impact, but with a little imagination you can see the potential. The AMP Project is promising a much-needed revenue stream for publishers through soon to be added functionality for subscription models and advertising. Google, for its part, will be using AMP pages in their news and search products at the very least.

But he is clearly mixed on it’s openness as well:

There’s a smart team behind AMP and I do think there’s value in what they’re doing. I’m hopeful that, eventually, AMP will evolve into something that really does benefit the web as a whole — not just a specific version of it.
For me: jury is still out. As folks here think more about love to hear your thoughts.

Interesting to see a Wordpress CMS plug in already exists… (I love Wordpress for just that reason)…

And also from Jeremy Keith some PHP for converting HTML to AMP HTML is here: